First Impressions Leader Needed!

The first thirty seconds matter, but it’s in the first five minutes that decisions are being made. First time guests will often decide if they will return to a church within the first five minutes of being on site. From lack of signage (or unclear signage) to unfriendly parking lot attendants, most guests have already made their initial judgement of the church. We refer to this as an unnecessary distraction to the gospel.

Our goal at Restoration Church is to create a culture where Jesus is visible from the moment guests visit our web page to the moment they pull into our parking lot. This is why we work hard to provide clear, visible signage, warm and friendly greeters, a clear, fluid process of following up with first time guests, and clean and safe environments.


We understand that the unchurched are looking for reasons and excuses to not return. Our hope and prayer is that they will find it very difficult to identify a reason at Restoration. We are determined to see our guests return for a second and third visit. We want our guests to be attracted to our unbelievable hospitality and we want our guests to see a clear portrait of Christ from the moment they arrive on our campus. This is why we’ve developed a First Impression’s Ministry.


We are looking for someone who shares this heartbeat with us. We are looking for a leader who desires to create a culture where guests encounter Jesus from the parking lot to the ‘pew’ (even though we don’t have pews). A person gifted in guest services and loves to lead people to encounter Jesus in a real, practical way. We are looking to add a Director of First Impression’s to our team.


If you are interested in hearing more about this role, please contact Trea Brinson at


This is a volunteer position and will require 8 hours per week (4 of those hours are on Sunday).

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