Dear Partners in the Gospel,

Thank you for coveting with us in prayer as we have traveled through this challenging time. Many of you have been so generous and encouraging—offering for us to meet in your facility, telling stories of God’s faithfulness to you and your church, and reminding us of the power of the Almighty!

The Lord is faithful. We have already found a few options to consider and have asked our church family to pray through them with us. In fact, one of those options seems most likely, and we hope to secure it soon.

We are reaching out to you first to express our sincere appreciation for your prayers. Your prayer support has strengthened us in our first three years, and it will continue to carry us forward. Many of you have also asked about additional ways that you, and your church, can help. Although the immediate need is prayer, there is another way you can help as we prepare to lock in on one location. Moving from our current location, the YMCA, to our new location (a local school) will present a few immediate needs. The YMCA, due to their programs for kids, was set up with everything needed to run a successful Kids Ministry. However, the school we are moving into will not have those necessities. Likewise, we will need to make a few other adjustments such as updating signage, updating promotional material, etc. We should be able to do all of this for about $6,000.00.

We are reaching out to ask you to prayerfully consider contributing to these new needs. We have challenged our people to increase giving to help meet these needs, but your assistance would help us while allowing you to serve a growing church plant.

We thank you, in advance, for prayerfully considering this opportunity. If you would like to give a tax-deductible gift to this cause, please give HERE. Or, make your check payable to:

Restoration Church

P.O. Box 152

Wake Forest, NC 27587


Keeping Jesus First,

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