Opportunities Available

Opportunities Available

One of the greatest blessings in our church is to witness the fruits of the gospel so frequently. As a church centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ, we see a great number of people sent into the world to carry the gospel to places of great need. This past weekend we were able to commission four faithful members of our church to two different areas in need: Commerce, Georgia and Portland, Oregon. When people are sent, this leaves our church with a few leadership gaps. However, it never fails that we either have someone in the pipeline ready to take over or we have people in our congregation eager to step up and fill those gaps. It is a beautiful thing to watch and experience.


With that said, we are looking to fill a few positions over the summer. If you desire to know more about any of these positions, please contact Trea Brinson at TBrinson@restorationrdu.com.


Director of Starting Point: 


The Director of Starting Point is responsible for all things pertaining to Starting Point. The director is to lead a team in a manner where volunteers are growing in their walk with the Lord while helping them grow in their discernment of guests for membership and helping them have hard conversations (when necessary). He is the primary vision caster (as he understands it from the lead pastor) at the monthly meetings and he is to serve the table hosts well (this will make or break your team).


Director of First Impressions: 


The Director of First Impression’s is responsible for crafting the weekend guest experience as a demonstration of the gospel.


Director of Family Ministries (Restoration Kids): 


The Director of Family Ministry oversees operation of all Restoration Family Ministry processes, from recruiting, training, and organizing Restoration Kids to equipping and encouraging parents to disciple their children.  In this role, the DFM will serve alongside the staff giving special attention to the execution of Restoration Kids Ministry.


These are volunteer positions. The requirements are different for each position. If you want more details regarding these positions, please inquire by contacting Trea at the email above.


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