A Christmas For All

A Christmas For All

christmas for all

So, what is A Christmas For all and who is Christmas really for?

Perhaps its the child in all of us looking for the best new toy? 

The parents who are looking for an excuse to spend some money on their own “me time”? 

A company’s excuse to commercialize a tradition or memory? 

Perhaps a church looking to just sing some carols and be nostalgic? 

What about the millions of people who don’t celebrate Christmas as we know it? In fact, its existence is an affront to their very belief system, isn’t it?

The fact is, Christmas is for ALL of those people. When the Creator God saw that man would fall into sin, and that it would create an expanse between His creation and Himself -THAT is when Christmas was for all. When man’s only redemption story was formed and made possible by a sinless Savior being born of a virgin, conceived not of man, but of God, -THAT is when Christmas was for all. The very thought of how this eternal God became flesh and clothed Himself with humanity is but a glimpse into the extent of His Love and Grace…THAT is when Christmas was for all.

So where do you place “Christmas” in your life? 

Is it just a formality at the end of each year? 

Maybe, you dread it, as it brings back unpleasant memories of a broken family or loss of a loved one? 

Does it just boil down to a non-stop sequence of high expectations and overcomplicated plans?

Perhaps its none of those things…

It may, in fact, be a large part of your life but ultimately it stops there and doesn’t leave the four walls of your home.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, Christmas was planned before the very foundations of the earth were formed.  It is for all- all mankind, all generations past, and to come… The truth is, we rarely realize that the Christmas, as we know and love it, has been transformed into an entitlement, a purchase, a tradition…a “season’s greetings”.

In all reality, it is a dimension bending, eternity changing, divine insertion into our souls. This one moment in time opened the door to the ONLY way out of an eternity without our Abba Father, Creator, and Savior.

Let us not view Christmas as only an event for a select comfortable few, but a chance to celebrate our very hope and redemption story with the masses. This year, Restoration Church presents A Christmas For All.

A Christmas For All is designed with our community in mind. In fact, this is our (Restoration Church) gift to the Wake Forest area. We invite both the members of our church and those who call the Wake Forest area home to gather together to celebrate the sights and sounds of Christmas.

On December 22nd at 7:00pm, we will gather in Heritage Middle School to celebrate Christmas together. You can now get your FREE ticket here. In addition, we would love to offer free childcare to you.

So won’t you join us in celebration, invite your friends, bring your family, and simply celebrate A Christmas For All?

– Director of Worship Caleb Oliver

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