What If: 2016 Generosity Initiative

What if? It is a simple question, but with great impact.  The words that follow it can have great meaning and demonstrate much about who we are.

what if


What if God arrested your allegiance and captivated your heart?

What if every aspect of your life were totally surrendered and completely submitted to Him, even your giving?

What if temporary discomfort led to eternal comfort?

What if temporary sacrifice led to global impact?

What if your life (and your giving) could make a difference in others?

  • What if your influence broke through your skin and rubbed off on those in your home?
  • What if your influence extended past the walls of your home into the homes of your neighbors?
  • What if your influence extended outside of your neighborhood into the city?
  • What if your influence extended beyond the border of your city, and reached into the world?

What if… 

Tim Keller said, “If you can transform the city, you can transform the world.”

What if every member in every chair participated in this vision to impact Wake Forest and the world for Jesus Christ?

At Restoration Church, we believe the church is God’s only plan for reaching the world with the gospel. This conviction leads us to partner with other churches and church plants across our nation and world. One of the primary ways we partner with other churches is through our Generosity initiative at the end of each year. In addition, Generosity is the primary way we fund our missional efforts right here in Wake Forest as well.

Each year we ask the members of our church to give above and beyond their regular generosity. We ask our members to give sacrificially. We know that you understand, nobody every gives sacrificially by accident. Sacrificial giving is always intentional. These funds we are challenging each other to give will be used to help see the gospel go forward in the city, the nation, and the world.

Our goal in 2016 is $25,000.00. But, what if reaching our goal were not as important to us as what we become by giving sacrificially to reaching it? And what if our neighbors and the nations were changed because we gave? Here is a breakdown of where the money will go:

For The City:
We want to bless our city. This provides the resources we need to love and serve Wake Forest throughout the year. Your generosity will be used to serve the city, bless underprivileged families, and to help us leverage our impact here in Wake Forest.

For The Nation:
Also, we want to bless North America. This provides the opportunity for us to partner with new church planters nationally.

For The World:
And lastly, this provides a means for us to participate in planting churches internationally. This year we plan to help the efforts of church planters in one of the most unreached areas of the world.

What if we gave Jesus our best gift this year?

-Pastor Trea


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